``Choose a job you love and you will never have to work another day in your life``

Confucius – 500BC.

Some things never, ever change, and this statement has been true for over 2,500 years.

If you like to clock on, clock off, and have 2 weeks holiday in a caravan each year, this franchise is NOT for you! Not that there is anything wrong with people who enjoy order and routine, the world would be lost without the millions who strive for an orderly and peaceful life. Who would design and build our fast cars, big houses and private jets if not for professional engineers and dedicated professionals?


But for those who prefer to drive the fast cars than construct them, think that midnight is lunch time and prefer to eat, drink and be entertained than be at home tucked up after dark, we have the perfect opportunity for you to apply the ancient wisdom of the great chinese philosopher and truly create a business you love every moment of every day.

Our franchisees are the core of WOWmundo, the link to great events, experiences, and places, for the people looking to make the very best of each moment of free time, leisure time and vacation time, without wasting both time and money visiting cancelled gigs, closed down theatres or once great bars that have now changed hands and fallen flat.

With opportunities all over the world and unlimited income to be earned, very low set up costs, an amazing share option package for franchisees to secure a part of the company and a team dedicated to your success, WOWmundo really is a Christmas present for those of us who love partying, enjoy helping people to create great memories, get along with people from all walks of life and really enjoy fantastic entertainment.


Never before has there been such an opportunity to wine, dine, and be entertained for free, with no selling to do, no need to understand technology, and no need to clock on in the morning. There are millions for whom this job would be a nightmare, but there are plenty of us who have the desire to live like a Celebrity but never got famous. With a WOWmundo franchise you will be more loved by more bar and club owners than any stars of screen or stage, you will be the person who helps fill their venue and protect their investment.

No more queues to get in the best clubs, or begging for a seat at the best restaurants, no need to ask to se the manager, HE’LL WANT TO SEE YOU!