WOWmundo is a Lean, Mean, Money Machine. The Cash Cow you seek desperately when the “State of the Art” technology start up goes bust. The 50 – 500 X ROI in 3 years that turns your shareholders heads and  becomes that household name YOU WISH you had invested in on day 1 when you deleted the email offering what seemed impossible returns.

Our technologies are old, and proven beyond doubt. Our methods are new and unique, but built on stable foundations that cannot be disproven.

The problem we solve is global and the market is 100% of the population who have any money to spend over bare essentials, in fact even those with incomes of less than the cost of their essentials are some of the best users of our service and indirectly generate much of our income.

We bridge the gap between people seeking a great experience and those myriad businesses dedicated to providing all the supplies and services that combine to create that experience.

We have taken apart the reasons why people still fail to find what they want whether in their home town or away on business trips or vacation. We took the “Local expert” concept to the next level and added some toys that combine to ensure WOWmundo is better informed than anyone else in the world when seeking entertainment, specific events, eating, drinking and cavorting experinces, family fun or just a gre3at time.

The way we have combined the skill sets of our local teams to allow for the different human abilities and total inabilities to create a business model that not only works but keeps each member of the team in a state of excitement and desire for more, ensures that we grow so fast that any competition can simply give up today.

We are not the next Facebook, Google or Twitter and we have no desire to be. Our business is specific to one theme and is dedicated to locating, promoting, reviewing, filming and broadcasting amazing experiences, not displaying listings, showing when your friends have a new grandchild or providing a direct platform to talk with Donald Trump online.

Through our local sites, local magazines, local TV stations, local tourist information, local leisure places and services directories, all working together on a global platform, we are creating one single, point of access to all the information you need to guerantee a great time, every time.

Our site is slow, the technology is outdated and the design is poor, but the message and the methods are now proven to have the support of the local communities, business owners, venues owners, entertainers, users and even local media with whom we compete for advertising revenues, so we are 100% sure that our business model is a winner, with just enough risk to keep it interesting for us all.

If you want to be part of a global network of local businesses, both in house and franchised, that has the potential for gathering an amazingly valuable data, providing global brands with the most targeted advertising opportunity on earth, and where the return on your money is tenfold that of other investment opportunities having 10 times the risk, get inn touch today. your money can speed up our roll out and help us generate those retruns even faster than anticipated since our business is all about duplicating local teams, providing amazing training and incentives, developing faster and more supportive technologies and building a global brand known by everyone on Earth who wants to enjoy themselves.

We have our work cut out for us but if you feel you have any of the talents or assets we need to do our job better and faster we’d love to discuss a most rewarding relationship.