When we created WOWmundo, we bit off enough to make an elephants jaw ache. Simply the name, WOW”mundo”, sets the target as Global, so we have a mountain to climb rolling out 15,000 local sites, recruiting thousands of local agents, tens of thousands of data management and sales staff, camera crew, user support staff, developers, creatives, writers, photographers, editors, graphic artists, tech support staff, advertising & marketing executives, financial managers, social networking professionals and someone to make a huge amount of coffee.

Just to add to the confusion, we need to become fluent in over 30 major languages and understand the culture of over 100 countries, and the faster the better.

We have no outside investors at present so we have to earn every penny of the money we need to expand the business worldwide, mostly through sales of advertising and promotions packages within the local communities we already serve, but also by sharing the burden with local Franchise agents who either create the local content themselves or pay us to write the editorials and buy the images for them.

Like almost every start-up in the world, we have much more passion than money, more work to do than hours in the day, more eyestrain and hunger than processing power and bandwidth, but we hunger not only for food but also for the local sites, event recordings, internet TV channels and printed magazines to be so full of the information our users need that they tell 50,000 of their closest friends, who in turn love also what we do.

We are actively seeking relationships with developers, investors, major event brands, ticket sales and booking sites, together with franchise sales and business development organisations to fill some of the massive gaps we have in our skill base, and if we succeed in building great relationships then the future is assured.


The future is bright, the future is Magenta, the future is!!

“We can help create a Great Atmosphere anywhere, even on the Moon!”

Somewhere between today’s reality and getting to promote the first Rock Concert on the Moon through, we have a world of people, places, events and experiences to bring together in one, easy to use, platform where our users, entertainers, venue owners, event organisers and advertisers all benefit from WOWmundo bridging the gap between those of us who want to enjoy our leisure and pleasure time, and those in the business of making sure that we have a great time, every time.

Wish us luck, hopefully one day we will help YOU find exactly the experience you are seeking and be part of your amazing memories.