About WOWmundo

Why WOWmundo?

WOWmundo was designed to ensure people can easily find the performers, places, and parties to enjoy a Great Time, Every Time that they have free time, vacation time or play time. Created to solve the single problem faced by the millions of event organisers, entertainers, and venue owners all around the world, and billions of people searching for a great night out with friends and family, Communication.  Even with a good knowledge of the local area or being internet savvy, the search for live music, shows, a quiz night, karaoke, or other non-ticketed event remains very time consuming and often fruitless or misleading. When travelling to new places, the poor traveller often finds their perfect bar, restaurant,music venue and even karaoke bar, on the last night, regretting the previous 2 weeks wasted on out of date or misleading information. Tripadvisor is often outdated, Facebook is a Jumble Sale and Google+ is simply misunderstood by 99% of venue owners and event organisers. Eventbrite is great but not used by most venues or performers and has no local information or other places to visit for a Great Time, whilst local magazines only show advertised gigs. There are many local event sites around the global but not a single Global Guide to What’s On Where – until NOW

What is WOWmundo?

WOWmundo is a global directory of leisure, pleasure, travel, tourism, & entertainment information created by taking the best ingredients of Facebook, Tripadvisor, Eventbrite, and adding a hint of Booking.com, SkyScanner and Ticketmaster, boiling for a couple of years and serving with a garnish of magazines, radio stations, TV channels and voucher deals cooked to perfection. It is unique in 3 ways, #1 each local area has a dedicated team to ensure our event information is up to the minute, including cancelled gigs and changes of lineup so audiences do not waste time and money, #2 it is totally FREE to advertise local businesses and events on the sites, #3 verified businesses can use the platform to issue their own vouchers without commission or fees, saving the Groupon or WOWcher costs – and of course #4 WOWmundo is a global site, making it easy to search for What’s On in any area you may be visiting, and see all the local attractions, bars, restaurants and special offers on the same site.

How WOWmundo Works?

WOW offers every business in the leisure, travel, tourism, retail and entertainment industries a fantastic, easily searchable, profile page totally free of charge, forever, develops strategic partnerships with hotel, flight, ticket and table booking services to add a little spice and functionality to the platform. We allow businesses, performers and event organisers to use the platform to promote events of all sizes from pub bands and quiz nights to rock concerts and Broadway Shows at no costs whatsoever, and develop personal relationships with each of these entertainment providers to ensure we are the GOTO place to keep information current with live updates and notifications. The WOWlocal mini sites, local magazines, radio stations and internet TV channels provide easy access to local events and information whilst providing the advertising revenue that feeds the machine and pays the costs of monitoring the accuracy of local, regional, national and global information.